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Introducing a Series of Posts on Infrared Photography

I love infrared photography. Especially digital infrared photography.

It lets you see things in a different light, literally. The natural world looks different, but also familiar.

Most Infrared photographs are Black and White, but color is also possible. Somewhat strange color. You will see what I mean.

Before digital cameras, if you wanted to shoot IR, you had to struggle with Infrared Film, not for the faint of heart.

IR film was expensive, hard to develop, required luck to get the right exposure, and had to be loaded into the camera in complete darkness! Oh, and also you had to put a filter over the lens that sometimes made it impossible to compose the picture. And it was GRAINY.

But digital cameras make it so much easier and the results are so much better. This series is about how.

For a view of some of my infrared pictures, please view the Infrared Showcase Gallery.


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